Thursday, April 8, 2021

It Started With Words. 

A new site filled with Holocaust survivor testimony showing that hate starts with words.  Please take some time to explore this powerful resource during Genocide Awareness Month.


Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 8

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 8, we commemorate the six million victims and honor the survivors. We believe that education is an essential defense against the virus of hatred and extremism to prevent such atrocities from happening again. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Studying the Judicial Branch for the next few days...

What is the role of the judiciary?  And why do federal judges serve for life?

And the Supreme Court!  My favorite!  Why are their decisions so important?

In what specific ways do those decisions affect all of us?  


Welcome to the new Frontier Regional Social Studies Department Blog!


Welcome to our new Social Studies Department Blog.  With the wide range of tools available to share information - we want to describe what we explore and teach our students to examine in all of the courses we offer at Frontier.  We also plan to share regular updates about the important issues and topics we are covering in our classes on a regular basis. We will post overviews of all of the required courses we teach at Frontier as well as a description of the electives we offer.  As we get going, we will also post interesting articles and books to read as well as links to videos and films that can offer opportunities to further explore History and the Social Sciences - See Media Resources Link .  We hope you will visit regularly as we get our new project up and running.  Thank you for visiting!

April 2021 - Genocide Awareness Month

April is Genocide Awareness Month

Please find a number or resources to commemorate the millions of lives lost to Genocide.  April 8 is designated as Holocaust Day of Remembrance - Please see the link below for ideas of how to remember the victims of the Holocaust this year.  Below are links to information that will give additional resources for people to explore the wide range of materials that can help us remember the victims and raise awareness.  (this is not an extensive list, but a place to start.)

Facing History Blog - April in Genocide Awareness Month

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

 In government class we have been focusing on presidential power and the expansion of power over time. 

Much discussion surrounding the amount of executive orders issued by the current and past administrations! 

Will begin a project on the Supreme Court soon with AP Government students.  Stay tuned...

 This week  concludes our study of the Great Depression. Students are engaged in an essay exploring how the Depression was a turning point in US History.

It Started With Words.   A new site filled with Holocaust survivor testimony showing that hate starts with words.  Please take some time to ...